Let's Go Camping

MANDY'S SUMMER VACATION Students help determine where Mandy will go on summer vacation with her family by figuring distances, travel time and cost.

CHRISTMAS DINNER QUEST challenge the students to create a shopping list that comes as close to 200$ as possible without going over.

MAD MONEY GAME Earn, spend, and save money for the items you want

BACK TO SCHOOL CLOTHES SHOPPING Work from a budget of $150 to find two back to school outfits. Use percentage discounts, budgeting worksheet, and subtract as you go.

SOUVENIR SCRAMBLE Students will be sent on a souvenir hunt throughout Europe. On their travels they will explore congruent shapes, multiplication, price comparison, symmetry, addition, subtraction, and fractions as they race against time to return home to the States.

LET'S LEARN TO GRAPH Students will be able to learn how to create, read, and understand different types of graphs.

BAKE ME A CAKE AS FAST AS YOU CAN Webquest in which the children take the recipe for a one layer cake and add fractions to convert it to a 3 layer cake.

DIVING FOR DECIMALSThis webquest is designed to enforce proficency with decimals in a fun and interesting way.

DISCOVERING DECIMALS Introduction to decimals. Relating fractions to decimals

BARGAIN BOOK BONANZAAfter receiving $50.00 for your birthday, you decide to spend it all on your favorite books! You must search on a variety of websites to find inexpensive books. Your goal is to locate and purchase as many books as you can for your $50.00 spending limit. Don't forget to add in shipping and hand

MEASUREMENT Perimeter, time, metric measurement

Let's fuel your brain with some math practice by Meg DiDonna

Math Practice