Parts of SpeechA Gloster activity that looks at parts of speech.

Word Work

ARE DISNEY VILLAINS REALLY THAT BAD? WEBQUEST FOR PERSUASIVE WRITING. Students choose a Disney villain to defend and write a persuasive letter to the judge asking him to pardon the character for his/her crimes.

IDIOMS ARE EVERYWHERE This WebQuest will introduce students to the wacky world of idioms and their "real" meanings.

GRAMMAR ROCKS Watch a video, and then play a game for each part of speech

HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT, OR WRITING EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE LETTERS This activity asks students to write a letter to their parents to persuade them to buy a mobile phone after exploring how to construct the texts.


Book Activities by Meg DiDonna. This page allows students to create character scrapbooks, trading cards, design a new book cover, and create a comic strip.

Poetryby Laurie Fay. This page has online poetry activities for students to write limericks, acrostic poems and diamantes.